Allure Swimwear at the Royal Hawaiian Center in the heart of the Waikiki District of
Honolulu is a full scale and complete women's swimwear boutique offering the widest
and best selection available in Hawaii.  The Shopping Guide section in an issue of
Modern Luxury Hawaii magazine they list Allure Swimwear and said:

"Hawaii's finest and most unique collection of swimwear under one roof
offers more than 100 brands, including Honolulu-exclusive labels of

We appreciate the compliment and work hard every day to make it true for you.

At Allure Swimwear you will find "the perfect suit for every-body;"  from active surf, to
contemporary and top designers, to junior fashion and on-trend suits, from skimpy to
modest, from street to sophisticated and more.

The collection currently  features a great number of brands at any one time in an
ever-changing vibrant assortment.  Whatever your attitude, size and age, self-image
or desire and budget, you can find the suit you are looking for at Allure Swimwear.

Allure Swimwear has suits for children, pre-teen, an extensive core collection for
juniors and active young women, and an impressive selection for missy and the more
mature lady who enjoys the sun and water as well.   You will find most of the most
popular and well known lines alongside many lines exclusive to us in Honolulu or
Hawaii and in some cases even the United States.  We carry the finest suits from the
U.S., Europe, Canada, Central and South America and Oceania.

Please get and idea of the scope of our collection with the representative pictures
provided in the
collection page - keeping in mind that the specific suits and designs
almost daily, but the styles and brands are always well represented.  

Allure Swimwear is
located on Level 1 of Building C, just off the beautiful Royal Grove;
open daily from 10:00 a.m. - 10:00p.m.

Finally, we want you to know that part of what makes Allure Swimwear unique, and we
think special, is that we are a small locally-owned company with over thirty years of
providing the best in swimwear, lingerie and friendly service in Waikiki.  While you will
find a collection that reflects thirty years of experience serving and befriending a
broad range of guests and customers; you  will also fine a store right on trend and
totally about today, tomorrow., and YOU.

Our primary goal is having YOU find YOUR perfect suit and
being happy YOU came to Allure Swimwear.

Thank you so much for your interest in Allure Swimwear.  We look forward to meeting
you - e komo mai!
Allure Swimwear
Level 1, Building C (C-118)
Royal Hawaiian Center