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     The swimwear collection we have for you at Allure Swimwear is unmatched anywhere.  Not just anywhere in Hawaii, but anywhere.  From popular surf lines to couture, from kids to grandma - with the core of the collection sharply focued on juniors to missy women who are looking for fashion, fit and fun and appreciate and want swimwear unique and perfect for them.   The colleciton is very broad with all categories well represented; with many barnds exclusive to Allure Swimwear in Hawaii or on Oahu; with prices that are very competitve at the discount end of the market all the way to the finest in world-class luxury.  But regardless of the price, the suit you select is of the highest quality, and at or below the suggested price.  Our selection is so broad -with about 75-100 brands represented in the store at all times because we strongly beliebve that your swimwear is not a uniform, that having the same suit as the next girl is not the goal, and that each woman is beautiful in her own way, style and approach to swimwear and we will do all we can to have that suit for YOU.

     The suits shown above in the "quicklook" represent the styles, types and brands that we carry.  It is up to date, but can't possibly be current here as the in-store collection chages almost every day.  The What's New page will highlight some of the more significant new items and you can check the Mail Order page or send an e-mail if you see somenting there and want to see if it available for mail order.  But, if you like what you see here, you will find it or somehtning just like it in the store.  Come on in and check it out for yourself.


 Click here to see our MicroKitten g-string micro bibinis.  (Be advised - they are "street legal" but not for the shy or modest.  MK page  

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