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  1. What makes Allure Swimwear and Princesse tam-tam lingerie different and why should I look for my next suit or lingerie there?
  2. Can I buy my suit from Allure Swimwear or lingerie from Princesse Tam-Tam on this website or by mail order ?
  3. Are your swim suits mix and match ?
  4. What is your return policy ?
  5. When are you open?
  6. What is the relationship between Allure and the Princesse Tam-Tam lingerie boutique in Hawaii?

What makes Allure Swimwear and Princesse Tam-Tam lingerie different and why should I look for my next suit and set of lingerie there?

As we have tried to illustrate on these pages that Allure Swimwear and Princesse Tam-Tam lingerie are indeed different than other swim and lingerie boutiques and department store swim and lingerie section and the big name lingerie stores in many ways.

First - SELECTION FOR EVERY-BODY - Allure Swimwear is all about selection. That collection is all about finding the right suit, the perfect suit forYOU. We have the widest and most unique selection of suits to be found anywhere. Many of our lines are exclusive in Hawaii and some our exclusive in the U.S.  A quick glace at the swimwear quick-look page on this site will give you a glimpse or the hundreds of styles available from nearly 80 -  100 of the world's finest swimwear lines. No other store in Hawaii comes close to this variety and scope. You can find the very top of swimwear lines such as La Perla, Shan (both only at Allure Swimwear in Hawaii), Gottex, top international designers like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Vinve Camuto and Mark Jacobs to name only some that we have, the most fashionable and fashion forward suits from lines such as Vix, Luli Fama, Maaji,  L-Space and many many more, and exclusive international lines such as Aqua Bendita, Miss Bikini, Verdissima, Verde Veronica, Blue Rio, Lenny, and Aubade to name some, and your most popular contemporary and junior/surf lines such as Billabong, O'Niell, Volcom, Hurley, Raisins, Longitude, Athena,  Jantzen, Christina and scores more. Nobody, nobody, has this collection and selection for YOU except Allure Swimwear.

Second - NOT A UNIFORM & NOT EXPENSIVE -We could list reasons two and three as selection as well. It is not always obvious that Allure's collection is so extensive as it is changing almost everyday. While most swim stores give the impression of a huge selection by having many of the same suits from a limited number of brands in several color. This makes you believe that you are looking at a vast collection, but in fact you are limited to a few styles and colors. Not at Allure Swimwear.

Third - LOCATION, QUALITY, PRICE, VALUE - With our locations in the heart of Waikiki at the beautiful Royal Hawaiian Center, it is easy to shop in a very pleasant and fun environment. Parking in the Royal Hawaiian Center garage - the largest in Waikiki-- is free with validation on purchase (any purchase in the Center) for the first hour and only a dollar an hour after that for three more hours.

GOOD SWIMWEAR IS NOT CHARP, AND CHEAP SWIMWEAR IS NOT GOOD - Don't let the fact that Allure looks clean, contemporary and stylish fool you into thinking we are expensive. We are not. Sure, some of the suits from the best houses and companies are high-priced. But, you will find everything priced at or below the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price). No "tourist prices," no "hotel prices," no "nice shopping center mark ups." The people selling cheap suits have a high profit margin, so figure out what you are getting. Quality is very important in swimwear. The best fabrics and detail construction is costly, and sadly the price of all swimwear is going up all the time. But, shop and compare and you will see "Allure Swimwear is a very good deal."

SERVICE -Service is important. Buying the right swimsuit is considered by some a "stressful event." Not at Allure Swimwear. It is to be fun, and with a happy result of finding the suit that is perfect for you. Our staff is knowledgeable, but not pushy, and will gladly show you what is new, and maybe something you would like if only you tried it on. In selecting the suit you want, remember we don't consider it a uniform. You don't have to look like everyone else. Take your time and try on as many suits as you wish until you find the perfect one for YOU. Look the way YOU want to look, not the way someone tells you to look. Feel good about yourself and your new suit. If you want tiny, we have tiny and really really tiny. . If you want designer, we have designer. If you want surf/active, we have it. If you want conservative or sophisticated, we have it. And, if you want unique and fashionable, we have it. All you have to do is look.      We have the capability of serving you in many languages - but not all the time.  But while our Japanese or Chinese or Spanish or Korean -- or English - may be a bit lacking, everyone at Allure Swimwear is fully fluent in Swimwear-ese.

Princesse Tam-Tam fine lingerie - by Allure is a one-of-a-kind store in the entire world. No, really! Lingerie executives from major European firms have told us that many of the brands in our collection are not normally allowed to be presented together under one roof by contract, tradition and rule. But as we are the only real fine lingerie boutique in Hawaii and have been here over thirty years, special permission has been granted to present the most complete and broad collection to be found anywhere. The "little" Princesse Tam-Tam boutique is a real treasure trove of exquisite fine lingerie at prices that range from very modest to very luxurious. Princesse Tam-Tam by Allure at the Royal Hawaiian Center is one of the only a very few stores in the U.S. that is presently allowed to carry the line - although the line is sold in well over a hundered locations in Europe and Asia.  In addition we present an unmatched collection - ever changing- of the world's finest lines. We are the only boutique in Hawaii that presents Aubade, or the La Perla fashion collections, Lise Charmel, Zimmerli, or Valery, Verde Veronica and Verdissima, or Addiction, Selmark, I.D, Sarrieri, Rosapois, Mimi Holliday, Little Bra Company, Barbara, Passionata, Cotton Club, R.C Private Collection, Pleasure State, Eberjay, Jeanine Robin, Marlies|Dekkers, and others, as well as the best from houses such as Chantelle, Felina, Jezebel, Lejaby, Calvin Klien, Oh La La, Marie Meili, Affinitas, Parfait, Elle McPherson, Hanky Panky, Coobies and many more. It's no "SECRET", Princesse Tam-Tam- by Allure is the one and only place in Hawaii where you will find the "good stuff".

Princesse Tam-Tam has expert bra fitters and we have YOUR size -- not in every collection of course --from 28AA to 48H. Very petitie or full-figures and voluptuous, Princesse Tam-Tam at the Royal Hawaiian Center has YOUR perfect lingerie.

The quality of every piece in the store is first rate, and the prices are MSRP or below. In fact must of our European lingerie sells in Hawaii at or below the price you would pay in Europe - even after we pay the import duties and shipping.

If you love lingerie - "the poetry in a woman's wardrobe" - or know some one that does; if you know the difference between underwar and lingerie and how it not only makes a woman look, but also how it makes her feel, then you must come to Princesse Tam-Tam by Allure at the Royal Hawaiian Center.

Can I buy my suit or lingerie on this website or by mail order ?

YES,... but not the way others do it. We are not a e-retailer, we are a "brick and mortar" real walk-in store. We are about more than the single item, we are about the experience as well.

More than almost anything else, swimwear and lingerie are ALL ABOUT THE FIT. Gentlemen, there is a reason that a lady will take a long time and try on several pieces to find the right swimsuit or lingerie set. Every woman and every style and garment is different. We are not anti-modern, and recognize the strengths and benefits of of on-line shopping--especially for things like books and  hard goods and items where size and fit is not an issue. However our first concern is your satisfaction, and if you don't try on the suit, and others too, you will never know if it is the one you want. Swimwear and lingerie sizing is far from an exact science. While some sizing is "standard," the small size from one company may be more like a medium or extra small from another. The sizing of the Brazilian suits from Brazil and for Brazil does not really correspond to what we know... its runs very small. European sizes and fits are different too, as are many of the top designers. So far we are only talking about size, not cut and fit. For example, one underwire bra feels so comfortable on you and another is a painful experience. So while what you see in a photo may be perfect for you, you won't know until you try it on. Additionally, as we talked about our discussion of our selection, we do not bring in mass numbers of a few styles. Rather, we bring is many many styles, and turn over our collection very quickly.

BUT, HAVING SAID ALL THAT, since not everyone can come in to our stores but still want our items - YES YOU CAN.

As we have said elsewhere on the site, we are all about collection and selection at Allure Swimwear and Princesse Tam-Tam fine lingerie.  An e-retailer can't support this variety.  But if we have what you want, we would be more than happy to sell it to you on-line.   Please go to the MAIL ORDER page and see how to do so.   We will try to post the newest and the best of the most unique and harder to find items on the WHAT'S NEW page and then present them to you on the mail order page in our informal way.  We are not a giant e-retailer, we are a small speciality boutique, and that is how these pages will look to you.

If you don't see what you are looking for there and you think we have what you want, ask us - here by e-mail- and we will do our best to work with you one-on-one to get you exactly the swimsuit or lingerie you want--if we have it. We cannot normally special order swimwear or lingerie as what we have in the stores is ordered months in advance and manufacturers no longer make over runs or have extras to sell later. However, unlike most on-line stores, we will work with you one-on-one via e-mail or phone and try our best to satisfy your needs and desires. As you can see, e-commerce is not our model or method, but great service is.

Send requests to:  or go to the CONTACT US page for swim and lingerie requests. We will reply as soon as we can, but do not expect an instant response.

Are your suits mix and match?

Allure Swimwear does carry a small section of "separates" or "mix and match" suits, but because of our philosophy on selection and pricing, we sell most of our suits as sets. We have found that the vast majority of our customers can enjoy a perfect fit with matched sets. Nonetheless, we recognize that some of our customers feel a need for separates. We have them in basic styles and solid colors and nice prints, but the separates selection is limited compared to our main collection.  Other stores specialize in Mix-Match of a more limited collectio, and if you must have that, they may be better able to serve you.   All of our lingerie is sold as seperates and not as sets, with the exception of very few pre-packaged sets of mpre exotic "fun" lingerie.

What is your return policy ?

Because swimwear, and lingerie, is intimate apparel, we maintain a strict return policy for the protection of all of our customers. Our return policy is in strict compliance with the laws of the State of Hawaii. We have learned over the years that to survive and serve our customers well with only NEW and TOP QUALITY goods, we cannot be in the swimwear and lingerie "lending" business.

Return Policy

In store sales - No refunds, exchanges only. Exchanges must be within three days of purchase*. You must present the original sales receipt for exchanges. Garment must not have been worn, and hang tags must still be attached. Exchanges will be made for a store credit to be applied to the purchase of a new item at time of return or at any future date. Store Credits do not expire, but the original document must be retained by the customer. Items worn and damaged may not be returned, however where practical we will assist in providing a replacement clasp or getting the suit repaired for you at very nominal cost.

* When an item is purchased as a gift, tell the sales person and you will be given a "gift receipt" in addition to the original receipt that will allow return of the item for seven days after the date the gift is given.

E-commerce and mail order sales - No returns, exchanges or refunds provided that the item delivered is the one you ordered.

What is the relationship between Allure and the Princesse Tam-Tam fine lingerie boutique in Hawaii?

Allure Swimwear operates Princesse Tam-Tam - by Allure in Hawaii. When Allure started, it was unique in that the store featured lingerie and swimwear together in one store.  At the time that was a absolutely unique approach - later adopted by many large retailers.  As the collections of both swimwear and lingerie grew significantly, it became necessary to divide them into two stores, and Princesse Tam-Tam-by Allure was created to meet this need.

When are you open?  Where can I park my car?

Allure Swimwear and Princesse Tam-Tam at the Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki are open daily (every day of the year) from 10:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. 

The garage at the Royal Hawaiian Center is the largest in Waikiki.  Parking is generously validated with any purchase, making it convienient and a value in Waikiki with ANY purchase at the Royal Hawaiian Center.  Check the Royal Hawaiian Center website for details and special offers on parking.

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