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June 12, 2013 - Marie Me
June 18, 2013 - The new 2013 colelction of MISS BIKINI from Italy has arrived and is fantastic.  Allure Swimwear is the only store in the U.S. where you can buy it.  Click here to see more information on this fabulous line of sexy Italian swimwear from the Riviera to Waikiki for you.
ili - Princesse Tam-Tam fine lingerie by Allure is the exclusive location in Hawaii to see and buy the beautiful Marie Meili line.  A new shipment arrives about every month with six to eight new styles each time.  A new shipment arrived today and is in the store.  Marie Meili is of superb design and style, always right on trend, great fit and comfort and a lot of boost... and all at an unbelievably lo low price with bras at only around $27-29 and panty/thongs from $11-13.  It is no secret - the best collection and values for lingerie in Hawaii is Princesse Tam-Tam.


June 1, 2013 - The new MicroKitten mini and micro bikinis are in.   Microkitten prides itself on being the smallest bikini in the U.S.  Shown on the right is the very popular mini bikini, but the micro bikinis are much smaller.  Allure Swimwear is the only store in Hawaii, and one of only a very few in the entire U.S. where you can find them. We bring in the smaller ones from their collection - we have pleanty of regular bikinis to choose from.   If you have the spirit and the attitude, we have them for YOU... if not we have the rest of our collection to choose from.
If you want to see more - or a lot less ;) - click here to see more information on our mk collection.
Jessica Alba
June 1, 2013 - New slimming shapewear from
LEONISA has just arrived.  Once the story hit
the press on how Jessica Alba credits wearing
compression shapeware double corsets for her
spectacular return to her famously trim, sleek,
and toned figure after having her two babies,
Princesse Tam-Tam by Allure received requests
to bring in that type of shapewear.  We did our
homework, checked with the industry experts
 and found the perfect compression slimmers
to do the job.  Our new tummy trimming panty and no closure waist cinchers will give an immediate slimming appearance -- AND help to slim the area as well.  These are the good ones, but at only $27 for the panty and $32.50 for the cincher, a very good deal.
You can also check for WHAT'S NEW of our               FACEBOOK  o r   .IG logo  INSTAGRAM pages.
     Something new is happening all the time at Allure Swimwear and Princesse Tam-Tam fine lingerie.  Most of the news we want to share will be about what new items have arrived and how the collection is changing, happening at the stores or Royal Hawaiian Center and sales or discount coupons.  As we noted in the pages on the Quick-looks at the swim and lingerie collection, the selections in the stores change almost daily.  We simply won't be able to keep up here with every change and new delivery, but we will try to highlight the more significant news here. 

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May 10, 2013 -WHAT'S NEW right now is we have just lauched our new website re-make.  We are sure it has more than one glitch, and will look for them and clean them up as soon as we can.  If it looks like we are not professional web people - good call.  Bit we are professional swim and lingerie people trying our very best to have the best for you.  If that is the message you come away with we will be so very happy.  Welcome, and please some back frequently.
May 10, 2013 -Allure Swimwear - More great Agua Bendita swimwear has just arrived. Available in Honolulu exclusively at Allure Swimwear, this is the "good stuff. " Agua Bendita is very special and we buy only a few of each piece as we think that the Agua Bendita - Allure Swimwear girl that buys these suits does not want everyone else wearing the same one - so you need to hurry in if you se what you want. Like you, the suit is unique and special so it is for YOU


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Agua De Coco
May 31, 2013 - Happy to announce two two Brazilian lines - from Brazil - have been added to our seimwear collection.  Agua de Coco (shown on the left) is designer high fashion Brazilian swimwear.  It has the flair, the style, the sexiness and the superb quality of Brazilian swimwear, but it is not the super tiny Rio styling- sophisticated Brazil.
Corpo Bonito - "beautiful body" is sport, superb quality and Ipanema inspired.  It is a ture value in amazing swimwear at $69.00


Passionata - So Pretty
May 10, 2013 - Princesse Tam-Tam fine lingerie  - Passionata lingerie - direct from France to you and available exclusively in Hawaii at Princesse Tam-Tam fine lingerie at the Royal Hawaiian Center has just arrived.  The Passionata line is new in the U.S., but from a 130 year old lingerie h...ouse of great renown. It will not be sold in department stores and is reserved worldwide for boutique presentation. In Hawaii you will only find it at Princesse Tam-Tam at the Royal Hawaiian Center, Building A, Level 3 (A307). Come in and check it out.See More








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