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 We are proud to be the only place in Hawaii and one of only a very few in the United States where you can try on and buy famous MicroKitten (MK) bikinis.
Allure Swimwear prides itslef on having the perfect suit for every-body and are happy to include MK in our collection.
MicroKitten bills itself ad the smallest bikini - the most micro- available in the United States - and it must be.  How could it be any smaller and be there?
We have a loyal MK following of serious tanners, be it backyard or beach, well-respected bodybuilders, a couple of dancers, and ladies who are comfortable with themselevs and enjoy these tiny suits.  If you think it is right for you, then IT IS!  Frankly MK makes suits with more coverage and modesty, but this is MK, so what's the point?  Allure Swimwear brings in the MK that is tiny.  After all, isn't that the idea?

As our website is available to everyone - regardless of age and attitude or if they are looking for a modest swimdress or the hottest bikinis in the world - and since MK suits maybe considered by some as rather daring, we have put them here to look at for those that want to see them.  If NOT, return to the Allure Swim page here.
We love them and the ladies that wear them - they say the suits "make them feel great and happy" and that makes us happy too.




Microkitten 1

MK 2

MK 3

Are you ready for yours yet?  Are you ready for another one?  Microkitten is made of the finest materials and with superb workmanship.   Not much there, but what their is is outstanding in every detail.  Bikini sets are priced from $50 - $60.  So, if you  are ready come on in or send us an e-mail to maio order.  If not... return to the rest of Allure Swimwear's great collection to find the perfect suit for YOU.


Microkitten green bikini mini